Sex and the Muslim Man

Just my observations and there could be mistakes, so feel free to comment if you find any errors or omissions.
Muslim Men.

He is allowed four wives, plus as many wives by the hour that he wants.

Wives can be as young as six years of age; however the marriage should not be consummated until she is nine years old.
(no minimum age for marriage, Muhammad has sex with Aisha at 9, so it’s halal)

He can divorce any of his wives simply by saying three times, “I divorce you”. He can then remarry straight away.
If a wife dies, he can still have sex with her for up to six hours after her death.
In an emergency, if none of his wives are available, he may have sex with a daughter over the age of nine. (not that I know of, but )
If he has sex with boys up to the age of 18 years old, it is not classed as a homosexual act. (not considered male until you have pubic/facial hair)
He is permitted to have sex with animals, as long as he is thinking of his wives as he does it.
Infidel women are allowed to be raped, or taken as sex slaves.
Any woman dressed inappropriately is permitted to be raped.
(not muslim women, they can be beaten, jailed or killed)

If he dies a martyr, on reaching heaven, he is entitled to 72 black eyed, black haired virgins. Each virgin has 70 slave handmaidens and he can have sex with the entire 5112 virgins and handmaidens.
And according to a video on u-tube, if you leave your car unattended on the street it’s possible that the tail pipe might be assaulted.


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