Reason why I am protesting against Hefajote Islam in Bangladesh

Hefajote Islam has resurrected again to claim Islamism . What are their demands? Their new demands is to replace lady justice from the courts in Bangladesh. If their demand is not fulfilled they have also threatened to replace the existing Bangladesh Government.

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah itself has two figuriness i.e the camel’s and that of closed fist . Ironically the Islamist Hefajote Islam seem to have no issues with these being in place.

Bangladeshis are aware of the identity of poet Sheik Sadiq. There is a figurine of Sheik Sadiq infront of his burial place and interestingly no student of Madrasa have ever insisted on it being brought down!

Infact even the Islamist nation Iran has figurines of poet Omar Khayyam and Ferdausi and these have also never created a sensation or news. Even Tehran is testimony to several figurines around the city and no one protested against their presence. There has been no problems or ruckus regarding the figurines present in Syria’s National Museum as well.
Then why are the Islamist groups in Bangladesh creating a fuss out of this?
Attorney General Mahbub Alam has been quoted in an interview to BBC that, ‘that Lady Justice is not a figurine or an idol. It is a sculpture. Everything in that sculpture is a representation of elements of justice. The presence of the scale represents justice. The sword is a representation of punishment against crime and the blindfold is a symbolism of unbiased deliverance of justice. This same sculpture has remained the symbol of justice in various countries throughout the world”
The intentions of Hefajote Islam was clear when on 25 March, 2013 they demanded immediate release of Jamayat Islami’s leader Amir Dilwar Hossain. Had the Hefaojte Isklam truly been the Islamic saviours. They would have never supported the release of the leader of Jamayat Islam. A true Muslim can never come out in support of Jamayat Islam. The act committed by this group in the war of 1971, is no way acceptable as Islamic. So in coming out in support of this group reveals the truer intentions of Hefajote Islam.
However the power of Hefajote Islam has been on rapid rise, following no curb on its demands. The Hefajote Islam group has been duly responsible for implementing changes in the school curriculum. Today they have demanded the removal of justice. If their influences are not curbed, they would very soon demand the removal of all figurines from the country. Sooner they may also claim their unwillingness to led female leadership and development. The Hefajote Islam is on the mission of necessary rights of the citizens of Bangladesh.
The incident of the journalist Nadia Sharmin is still fresh in our memories, who was questioned for being a sole female reporter in the mass gathering of all men inclusive Hefajote Islam. Follwing this Nadia and members of Hefajote Islam had an altercation and she was badly beaten up and manhandled.
We still haven’t forgotten Hefajote Islam’s claims on banning the socialising up of male and females.We csn never forget the sacrifices made by 30 lakh bangladeshis to gain independence.However even after independence we are being threatened by Hefajote Islam.If the government does not curb the growing power of this group, they will soon overtake the government.



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