Coming out: an athiest’s story

They asked “What is atheism? Does it bring comfort or pain?”,

What I did say “It doesnot promise what it cant, atleast life after the death – of my brain”,

It doesnot dictate what if right or wrong, and now I get to live the life of my own,

It doesnot tell people what love you can have or you cant,

For all love are equal, and you alone should decide ‘what’ you want,

It doesnot threaten me with eternal bliss or pain,

It doesnot bear the message “worship me or suffer in pain”

Athiests are not offended when you tell them a joke , unlike religious priests who would claim that you “provoke”,

It doesnot oppress advancement and science,

It doesnot tell you to pay tribute, without understanding it twice,

Athiesm doesnot promote hate, sin or crime,

It only promotes equality, humanity and love for all,

Now, I have told you what athiesm is and isnot and what it doesnot do,

and if you go back and look it up, you will find all the wonderful things true,

Athiesm means godless, and that alone,

And sooner or later , atheism will be worldwide known

2.3.2017 ©

Posted by: Faruq Ahmed _author’s own 



3 thoughts on “Coming out: an athiest’s story

  1. Though I cannot agree w/ everything you’ve written here, you have made some very valid points. It sounds as if you’ve suffered a great deal at the hands of those trying to force religion on you. And you have every right to feel as you do. Love — whether for men, women, or God — cannot be forced. I was an atheist myself for many years. Thankfully, a loving God came and found me. I hope He finds you, too. ❤

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