11 Questions about Islam which no muslim can answer

img_21111.) If Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance then, why does it allow killing those who leave Islam(apostates)[Refer:- Sunan an Nasai 4059, Sahih al Bukhari 9:83:17 Jami at Tirmidhi 2158]

2.) Why does Islam allow marital rape

[Refer:- Sahih al Bukhari 3237, Sahih Muslim 1436]

3.) If Quran is the word of god then why is it that a verse that has come after another verse can cancel the previous verse…why can’t your Allah say what he wants to say at once…why does he cancel the previously written verses( as if a human wrote the book and then after realizing some mistakes he cancelled previously written verses)

[Refer:- Quran (16:101), Quran (2:106)]

4.) Why does islam say that on the day of reserruction, a muslim who has as heavy sins as a mountain will be asked by allah that he can save himself from hell and can throw in place of himself a Christian or a Jew in the hell..why does Allah punish those who haven’t committed those ” heavy sins”…just because they follow a different religion?? That sounds like a cheap statement to fool and convert people

[Refer:- Sahih Muslim 37:6668, Sahih Muslim 37:6665]

5.) In Islam idol worship is prohibited but still Muslims bow in the direction of kabba 5 times a day and Muhammad used to kiss the black stone… Isn’t it ironical?

6.) Why does Quran say that those who do not believe in Allah and Muhammad will go to hell…is the Allah so intolerant or is this a trick to scare and make people submit to a particular faith…even when they don’t agree with the faith

[Refer:- Quran(48:13)]

7.) Why did Muhammad command to destroy Idols and churches…If islam is a religion of tolerance?

[Refer:- Sunan an Nasai 701, Sahih al Bukhari 4357]

8.) Why did muhammad asked his followers to expel Polytheists,Jews…whereas for muslims he said that Muslims should fight those who try to expel muslims from their own land…why such double standards?

[Refer Sahih al-Bukhari 4:53:392, Sahih al Bukhari 4:53:393]

9.) Why does Islam allows to have sex with pre pubscient girls (according to science they cannot have sex at this tender age..)?

[Refer:- Quran(65:4)]

10.) Why did Muhammad used to forcefully convert people to Islam by threatning,fighting them, giving them gifts/benefits etc

[Refer:- Sahih al Bukhari (4:53:392), Sahih al Bukhari 25, Sirat Rasul Allah 111]

11.) Why did Muhammad steal goods, abduct children and women from Non-Muslims…was the so called “Messenger of Allah” nothing but a greedy thief who waged war to remove his poverty and gain wealth??

[Refer:- Quran(8:69), Al-Tabari, Vol. 8, p. 117, Al-Tabari, Vol. 8, p. 38,Sahih al Bukhari(4:53:351)]



4 thoughts on “11 Questions about Islam which no muslim can answer

    1. Dear Anna, Thank you for coming accross this blog . I do agree , it is indeed a dangerous world to live in and even the slightest provocation is enough to cause harm. However I believe that truth will outshine darkness and falseness one day.

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  1. I admire your work.

    Even within Islam, there are voices of tolerance, such as the Quilliam Foundation in the UK and The Amercan Muslim in the US. But from Indonesia to Turkey, I read of the increasing influence of the most intolerant and oppressive versions of Islam.

    One of my own concerns, as you know, is science education, and I am greatly saddened by the way in which Islam has allied itself with creationism.

    There are similar reactionary forces within Judaism and Christianity, but in the UK and Western Eurpe at least, and in the moret educated parts of the US, they are fringe groups. Nor do you find even the most benighted Jews and Christians advocating the death penalty for apostacy, which is actually the law in many Muslim countries.

    One thing I would like to know much more about is scholarly analysis of Islam’s sacred texts, such as signs of multiple authorship within the Qur’an itself, and the unreliability and development over time of the Hadith. This kind of activity has been applied to the Bible for almost 200 years, and could be a great liberating influence.

    You will fid much of interest regarding identity politics and the influence of, and attitudes towards, Islam in Kenan Malik’s blog, PANDAEMONIUM

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    1. Dear Paul, Thanks for coming across my blog and also recommending me Kenan’s blog. I will definitely look into the aspects you mentioned. It is true Islam has allied itself with creationism. There are many moderate or liberal Muslims in the west, as you may say in the US and the UK. However, in the country I come from intolerance is much more prevelant and apostacy has death penalty. The various Islamic extremists have taken law in their hand and are commiting crimes against secularists and there has been no outcome from the government towards this. It is sad to see that people are so blinded by religion and faith that they fail to see rationality. As I read Quran, I often found some statements, which I realised does not seem fitting in scientific or rational terms. I tried to question my peers and discuss these issues with them, but I was often laughed at!! And yes there are indeed various versions of the Quran and several hadiths now. Every author has tried to explain the teachings. While some are for Islam some are against. I frel that all these religious books are like cookbooks, because they change so much. When we try to deeply analyse some issues, we may find some ideas very horrific indeed.

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